Nutrisystem: Our Best Pal at Talk247

Hey guys! I am Tom and I work at Talk247’s, a telecommunications company, New York office. Being one of the 15 employees working in the SEO marketing department of the New York office, I can tell you that our job is super hectic and that we have a hectic work schedule. After finally getting a 10-minute break from work, I took the elevator and left my office on the 9th floor to grab some burger and fries from the fast-food chain across the street. While coming back to the office, I accidentally stepped on a piece of chewing-gum that was stuck to a small piece of paper. When I tried to get rid of the gum, I noticed the word “NUTRISYSTEM” on a small piece of paper and that is how I stumbled upon my first ever Nutrisystem discount code. Now let me tell you about what happened next.

After going back to the office, I went to have a glass of water from the staff lounge, and I noticed a few of the other member of our marketing department having lunch there. I showed them the coupon and asked if any of them had ever heard of Nutrisystem, they said they hadn’t, but they were just as impressed with the deal as I was. That day I went home and researched about it, and I fell in love with the system of Nutrisystem. Working in a marketing department myself, I don’t have a tough time catching sham products, but I could tell that Nutrisystem was going to be a good idea! I knew that Nutrisystem would be perfect for all the marketing staff, so I decided to tell them about it the next day. You can also search for more promo codes for Nutrisystem on Debra Moorhead.

How Nutrisystem made our lives easier

Looking at the fantastic food options and prices Nutrisystem offered all 15 of the staff members agreed to follow its meal plan in no time! We were all worried that we’d been gaining a lot of extra weight and feeling very lethargic after working from our cubicles the whole day. With Nutrisystem, we were able to start at least eating healthy. We don’t need to run to the fast-food chain to grab lunch anymore; a healthy, nutritious meal gets delivered right to our office. Some of the employees now claim to save so much time in the morning because they don’t have to worry about preparing a nutritious meal to take to work. Some being health freaks and always looking for low fat, delicious food options are in love with the low-fat meals and snacks Nutrisystem offers. Today I even noticed Amy and Cathy cutting out coupon codes from the newspaper for future snack cravings!

Before and after using Nutrisystem

Always saving a few bucks and losing a few pounds

It has just been around two months since we started using Nutrisystem and we already see so many positive changes in ourselves as well as each other. Kyle is diabetic and always concerned about what he was eating but after starting a Nutrisystem meal plan he says that his worries have drastically lowered and that he feels healthier and has even managed to lose a few pounds. Betty being a mom of 3 kids in her late 40s says that she never had time to take care of her body and health or cook herself a healthy meal because she was so busy juggling between work and family. After starting Nutrisystem, she claims that her body has toned up a lot and she doesn’t feel as cranky as before even when she goes home to 3 noisy kids even after a long day of work. Liam, being a recent college graduate, still has a lot of learning to do and is a miser when it comes to saving money. Being very conscious about his health as well as wealth, I always catch him collecting coupons and deals on!

Exercising with Nutrisystem

Being a very work-driven team, none of us have any time for working out, and that is also one of the reasons we feel so tired during work. However, after starting our Nutrisystem meal plans, we’ve seen a lot of positive changes in our body, and we thought that with exercise, maybe we can even see more positive change in our body. So most of us have now started using the stairs instead of the elevator, though it is just a small start, it is making us a lot more active than before. Some people now use the time they previously used to prepare meals to exercise in the morning. Kyle says that he runs on the treadmill for 30 minutes before coming to work every day whereas Amy has joined a local yoga club and did yoga in the park for an hour every morning. Though a lot of us have started a habit of exercising for half an hour daily, we’ve also heard a few stories of people spending half an hour looking for deals every day!

In case you’re planning to join a Nutrisystem meal program too, here are some Pros and Cons of Nutrisystem from the experience of Talk247 SEO marketing team:


  • Food portion and quality worth every penny
  • Excellent meal delivery service
  • A good range of food varieties to choose from
  • So many deals available!


  • A very long queue to use the microwave during lunch hours
  • Temptation to eat fast-food once in a while
  • Change is relatively slow

A lot of us here at Talk247 including my good friend Debra have fallen in love with Nutrisystem’s great meal deals, impeccable service, and super positive outcomes and we’d definitely recommend all you busy, foodie, health conscious folks out there to give it a try too!

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