I’m Claudia, and I invite you to do something with your life.

Claudia, from the Inland Empire – Immigrant Youth Coalition, shares a very emotional account of how she battled with depression and attempted to take her own life. She also shares how meeting other undocumented youth helped her overcome the feelings of hopelessness.

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  1. Fany says:

    We can be the best, we have all that it takes to be the best. I too have broken down in tears, with the silence as a witness…wishing someone would hear my cry and rescue me from my despair…I am undocumented, about to earn my Bachelor’s degree in psychology…and will continue for my Masters. I have given 19 years of my life to this nation and yet it’s as if I still don’t belong, but I don’t stand alone…this is a fight for peace and we will win it, justice for all. God will fulfill our dreams. Let’s never give up.

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